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Z3 Fest 04 at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel

in Nashville, TN: May 6 - 8, 2004

"Raise the bar" was the theme of the event this year.  Well, if anyone could do it, it would be Tony, and yes, he did.  If I tried to describe it, I know I would just fail miserably, so I won't.  Below the pictures is a link that will take you to a site that illustrates it all better than words can say.  Special thanks go to Tony Martelle for letting me use some of his photos.

      Z3 Fest at Chateau Élan in Braselton,  GA: April 10 - 13, 2003

A spectacular event took place this year that we, the attendees, hope will become an annual fixture for Z3 owners and enthusiasts, since Homecoming now and forever is diluted by the Z4.

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I thought of what to say but there is nothing that describes it better than the eloquent words of one Vance Mordecai with which he addressed the participants at the event; and which I, with his gracious consent, may post here as an "Ode to the Z3":

My Name is vance-man, and I am a Z3er.

 I have paid my dues, thank you very much…I have cleaned that little plastic window. 

 But like coupe owners and top-downers alike, I have also watched the eyes of the world upon this car and seen, in her glorious shine, deeper things…futures to come…corners of the Earth. 

 No surprise, that.

 My name is vance-man, and I am a Z3er.

 Seems, with this car, I have taken a new purchase on life, I can't help it.  I unlocked something, oh yes, that kicked down the barn doors.  I mean, I simply asked the beast within this machine to fend against a monster of endless ribbon…and she ran with the ponies just for me.  And in the cowl shake and twitch and spin of the rear, I connected the highway's white lines and heard the mercies of guardian angels sing to her ability to fly. And there was this smile---all ours---alone and so strangely grateful. 

 Why not?

 My name is vance-man, and I am a Z3er.

 Yes, I befriended freedom itself.  Even took a liking to going out for milk.  Crazy strange, isn't it?  Maybe it's because the key I have, that starts this engine, just stops time.  Surprises me each and every time, it does, with a brighter and keener awareness.  Like a lover underestimated, or a kindly friend who points out what I forgot, this car simply brings the world to me, time and time again…

 "Hey, Mister!  Is that the one with the German racing engine?" from a 13 year-old at a convenience store, passing by on a BMX bike…

 "Whoa, bet that baby can maneuver," from a work-crew foreman who couldn't take his eyes off her and had to stop what he was doing near the manhole just for a better look-see…

 "You're late, man!  C'mon?!  Get in!" from a handle-bar moustached  gentleman, in a 1932 James Young Bentley, who, in a car parade I just happened upon, thought I was late to join in and waved me to go ahead of him in this grand procession of cars.

 Even the kindly sharing of "So-o-o-o-o, we were in a hurry, were we?" from that nice State Trooper in Virginia.


 My name is vance-man, and I am a Z3er.

 Yet, of all her glorious gifts, all her fine lines and thunder, her Gummi-Pflege and 10W-60, her greatest gift, by far, is you.   All the daily drivers, auto-crossers, track men and women, and Concours winners, and weekend warriors, who so freely enrich this event with grace and caring, simply by being here, together.

 Perhaps that is why I see, in the gleam of a not too distant future, a great gathering of "other" car owners.  In a great meadow, they are…hundreds of them.  And yes, their cars shine like ours, their banter is much like ours, even their brotherhood is aglow, in part, just like ours.  But then, amid the hubbub and excitement of their grand event, I hear a silence, a hush and eerie halting, earned by the sight of the approach of so many.  There!  Can you see them passing by?  Together, all in a line they have come, down the 405 and 81 and 66 and 17, across plains and mountains, cities and villages, the entire country over. 

 And that day there will not be a choice, I assure you.  They will turn and stand, these "other" car owners.  They will want, like children in the presence of awe, to better see the brilliant coming of this great Z3 parade.

 And I will be there that day, oh yes, driving right behind you. 

 After all…

 My name is vance-man, and I am a Z3er. -- Vance Mordecai



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