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 Someday I'll find just the right thing to say about a few people who are very dear to me, and whose friendship I am privileged to enjoy.  For now, a mention on this page will have to suffice.
Roxanne Hunt
One of the dearest.  I am very privileged to have her as a friend, and I owe her a great deal of gratitude
Dieter Kirchner in Willich, Germany
Sometimes the ones farthest away are the closest
Susanne Moser in Willich, Germany
She loves witches
Jack Holmes in Belle, WV
Haven't seen him for too long
Joseph Fetzer in Arlington, VA
We really weathered some storms together
Eric Haught  in Gastonia, NC
We met at Z3 Homecoming in 2002, and we've been  friends ever since
There's no use for regrets
Mary & Steve in Orange Park, FL / St. Mary's, GA
Sascha Bereksasi in Frankfurt, Germany A former fellow Z3 nut, he now has that thing with the star on the hood
Tony Martelle in Pleasant Hill, GA The force behind Z3 Fest
Dennis and Penny Logan in Maineville, OH Z3 people from Ohio

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