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The Pets


Morris Pokie Guenther (DOB 08/28/1996 02/09/2011)  

Morris and Max were adopted in Aug of '96.  Morris, initially named Moritz,  had a brother by the name of Max. Max died at a very early age, and Moritz became Americanized and hence was renamed Morris.  Those familiar with the German cartoon characters Max & Moritz know where this came from.  However, his tendency to poke his nose into everything earned him the nickname Pokie. For a few years Pokie suffered from chronic asthma. At some point one of his lungs collapsed, his heart shifted into the space where that lung was and he grew more ill over a matter of weeks. After collapsing, I rushed him to the hospital. The put him in an oxygen tank over night. But his breathing never improved. After remembering what a lung disease death looks like, I decided to let my baby go. Pokie was put to sleep 02/09/2011 at 8:51am Eastern.

I miss my little sunshine boy.

Sasha Wilhelmina Guenther

      (DOB Unknown -11/27/2009)          


Sasha was adopted in May of '98.  Has a COA degree in Basic Obedience.  As sweet and innocent as she may look, she's a devilish playful sprite.  Her favorite past times are running with the bally ball and chasing squirrely squirrels. Sasha was put to sleep 11/27/2009 at 11:13am Eastern due to internal bleeding.  At the time it was unknown what caused it (believed to be cancer), but she had lost to much blood and had so many other medical issues that I could not think of putting her thru surgery.                                       

She will forever be my Baby Girl. 

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